Love (Organic Mix)

have you ever heard the thunder roll in the darkness of your night have you ever felt the lightning's heat yet could not see the light have you ever felt the rain come down fearing you could stand no more have you ever watched dark shadows move across the midnight floor have you ever heard a baby cry and known it's pain has just begun have you ever seen the sunrise and felt your day was done have you ever seen a birth that would not end in death have you never felt so deep it took away your breath have you ever felt the warmth of someone by your side have you ever experienced the breaking of the tide have you ever known that what you felt was oh so true if you've ever been in love my friend my pity goes to you have you ever been in love my friend because if you had you've known my rage you've heard the sage you've turned the page and you've walked the path alone.

Copyright ©1989 Ross Alexander